Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SerialVersionUID generator v1.9 for Netbeans 6.5 nightly builds

As I mentioned generator v1.3 is not compatible with api changes in 6.5 dev builds. So I created serialVersionUID generator v1.9 that supports 6.5 nightly builds... You can download nbm here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SerialVersionUID generator v1.3 for Netbeans 6.1

Today I updated new version of generator for serialVersionUID field. It generates default value (1L) or generated value from source code. You can use it as java editor hint or code generator.

Iteresting is that it generates uid in correct way only for some cases. Correct way I mean sun's javac. Algorithm uses uses this directions to calculate value. Maybe there is problem with descriptors of fields, methods and constructors. I'll investigate it to create patch. But if you want to participate sources are in this mercurial repository.

Download plugin.

This version doesn't work with 6.5 nightly builds. See this post.