Saturday, February 21, 2009

Native2Ascii plugin for netbeans 6.5

After some time of finding myself I am back... 2 days ago my friend and colleague ask me if I know about netbeans feature to convert native characters to ASCII. Same as native2ascii command line but integrated in netbeans editor. Quick answer in my mind: There has to be some plugin, so UTFG... After googling by myself I found only this one. It looks well, but there is no integration with netbeans editor.
So what I did? I wrote plug-in according to my vision. I know it's not good approach to use native characters in java source at all. Better idea is using properties bundles. But sometimes it's OK, when you want to write some small piece of code which is used only by yourself.
Some screenshots:

1. You can use java editor hint:
2. Or just press CTRL+SHIFT+A or right mouse click on selected text:

3. and result is:

You can download this plugin here. Sources can be found in project site.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Dolomity Super Skiing weekend

Exhausting 6 days skiing marathon in Dolomiti SuperSki.