Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New RemoteFS project site

Because I receive some comments on my blog about remotefs plug-in, I decided to create google project where you can create issues about this plug-in. So when you find some bug or feature request, please create issue on project site.

Link for project is:

Issues list:


Unknown said...

Hello hlavki,

1. I patched the RemoteFS to make the FTP-Filesystem work with the NetBeans Platform 6.9 and I'd like to provide this patch to the community.

So please contact me. :-)


alex said...

I need RemoteFS patch for NetBeans 6.9 ... thanks ^^

cvcxvxcv said...

Please send me the patch for RemoteFS whith Netbeans 6.9


Anonymous said...

I created a binary distribution:


blogvianney said...


i install plugin in netbeans 8 and it works fine. I would like to see hidden files on the remote server in ftp area. Please can you tell me if it is possible?

Best regards