Monday, October 26, 2009

v1.9.6 serialVersionUID generator for netbeans 6.7 & 6.8 released


Download here.


Ken T said...

Thanks for the plugin. I'm using it with Netbeans 6.8. The Kenai website doesn't say how to use it. If you add the following to the Wiki or Docs I think it would be helpful:

starting from

This in turn has a link to the home page of (although this page says Netbeans version 6.1, there is a plugin at the destination for Netbeans 6.7 and 6.8)

1. Click on "Downloads" link

2. Click on "nbms" folder link

3. Click on "nb6.7" folder link

4. Click on download link "eu-easyedu-netbeans-svuid-1.9.6.nbm" (Save to disk) See the following steps if you aren't familiar with installing plugins.

5. In Netbeans choose "Tools" > "Plugins"

6. Click on "Downloaded" tab

7. Click on the "Add Plugins..." button, a file dialog opens in which you navigate to the eu-easyedu-netbeans-svuid-1.9.6.nbm download and open it.

8. The plugin is now on the list. Click "Install"

How to use it:

9. In the Netbeans editor, position your cursor where the serialVersionUID line should be inserted.

10. Type "Alt-Insert", there should be an option in the popup called "Add generated serialVersionUID" (this line is not present if the serialVersionUID is already inserted, or the plugin isn't working)

11. OR, Click on the lightbulb hint icon at the class declaration line. "Add generated serialVersionUID" should be one of the auto-correction choices (this will place the serialVersionUID near the top of the class, ignoring your cursor position, but you can move the line if you want).

hlavki said...

Hello Ken,

thanks for your post. I'll add it to kenai wiki asap.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


Anonymous said...

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